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April 23, 2014

What is Category Management?

Category Management Association Mission: Advancing Professional Standards in Category Management

The Association encompasses a broad range of strategic insights and planning functions related to consumer, shopper, channel, and category strategy including:

The Association enables category management professionals to connect with peers around the world.
It is an unbiased central resource for industry information and best practices, and is the only organization
certifying coursework and individual category management professionals according to recognized, industry-wide standards.
Capítulo Latinoamérica

Upcoming Industry Web-Meetings

Thursday 4/24/14 at 10:00AM CDT
CMA - Shopper Marketing/Shopper Insights
Focuses on how retailers and manufacturers are using shopper...

Thursday 4/24/14 at 10:30AM CDT
Quick to Insights
FREE Webinar: Join Shiloh Technologies' James Grady as he p...

Friday 4/25/14 at 10:00AM CDT
CMA - Solution Provider Demonstrations
Solution Provider Demonstration for Retailers and Manufactur...

Friday 4/25/14 at 11:00AM CDT
The False Hopes of Loyalty Cards
2013 Growth in the CPG industry was up less than 2% for the ...

Friday 4/25/14 at 1:00PM CDT
CMA - Solution Provider Demonstrations
Solution Provider Demonstration for Retailers and Manufactur...

Upcoming Industry Events

Tuesday 4/22/14 at 8:00AM CDT
2014 Industry Coupon Conference
The con­fer­ence con­tent will seek to drive industry knowl­...

Saturday 4/26/14 at 7:00AM CDT
NACDS Annual Meeting
For over 80 years, NACDS has served as a vibrant community o...

Saturday 4/26/14 at 8:00AM CDT
2014 Retail Merchandising and Marketing Conference
The world of retail marketing has become extremely competiti...

Sunday 4/27/14 at 10:00AM CDT
JDA Focus 2014
FOCUS 2014, JDA’s annual global conference, is the place to ...

Monday 4/28/14 at 8:00AM MST
2014 PCATS Annual Conference
The PCATS Annual Conference is attended by the convenience s...


• “CMA is about the knowledge sharing and getting people up to standards via the certification process.”

• “CMA role is to facilitate and consolidate people of the category management together in an objective, non-partisan way.”  

• “CMA is a resource to keep your finger on the pulse of the catman industry.”

• “CMA helps to be the voice of CatMan. It's trying to bring together, quantify and create the CatMan discipline."

• “CMA is highly professional, and its values and standards are exceptional and not political.”

• “CMA helps to build CatMan skills and through networking create 'best in class' discipline.”

• “CMA can help propel category management into a leadership position”

• “We value CMA as highly specialized and focused on leading practitioners of the CatMan discipline”

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